Digital Dream Catcher (2017)

In collaboration with Enrique Encinas.

A design-fiction research prototype that was used to investigate the suspension of disbelief. Research participants were asked to place a portable device that captures dreams next to their bed. When returned, participants would then place the module into an accompanying base unit that apparently scans their retina via a small camera. Following the retina scan, a poem is generated and printed. This fictional representation of their dreams is then used to investigate their understanding of the dream state and it's relationship to hopes and personal aspirations, through the suspension of disbelief regarding the ability of the design to catch dreams. To support this, the poem was generated based on public information found online, something that loosely represents the realities of their lives at the time. We found that participants suspended their disbelief about the designs ability to capture dreams and talked at length about what the poems could mean about their personal lives.


What’s the matter with[in] Design Fiction? Enrique Encinas,Thomas Dylan, Robb Mitchell. Research through Design Conference (RtD’17). Edinburgh, UK. Research Gate.