Interactive Tea Ware (2013)

Created as part of a 12-week internship with Tim Regan from Microsoft Research Cambridge.

The teaware was a response to my engagement with residents and staff of a care home in the South of England. The decorative luster on the teaware acts as a sensor that captures the movement of the cup on the saucer and causes words to subtly appear at different locations on the table cloth. The words are taken from residents reminiscences and chosen poems, which combine to provide a variety of rich descriptions for personal and shared interpretation. If the conversation goes quiet people can gently conjure up a conversation by subtly moving their teacup on the saucer.


Interactive Teaware: Sharing Experiences in Old Age. Thomas Dykes, Jayne Wallace, Tim Regan. Research Through Design: Praxis and Poetics p. 75 - 78. (PDF).

The rear of the saucer makes contact with the table cloth.

Conductive fabric on the table cloth allows the saucer to communicate with a .NET Gadgeteer built into the table.