About Me

I am currently a Research Fellow in CoCreate at Northumbria University.

I have a background in Product Design and my experience lies in designing and prototyping interactive products. My research approach is best described as Research through Design in the Field, as it includes ethnographic methods, and the design and deployment of research prototypes, as a response to questions arising from social contexts. I enjoy working with people, in order to learn about their life situation, and am driven by the practical implementation of prototypes, and directly observing their role in the real world. Consistent throughout my portfolio are designs that invite people to create their own interpretations through play and exploration.

Most recently, I worked on an EPSRC funded project investigating the potential role of IoT tool-kits and embodied interactions to provide new opportunities for outdoor free play amongst children. Free play is about children having the freedom to create their own play, without being constrained by adults, or in our case the rules inherent within an interaction design. On this project we worked with children at a local community centre to create a range of prototypes and resources that introduce new ways of playing outside. For example, design work from this project includes Lanterns.

Prior to this, I worked on a range of projects looking at positive ageing and ways of facilitating meaningful moments in care environments for people with dementia. My PhD, for example, involved designing physical-digital artefacts (Paper Street View & Photo Scrabble) for people with dementia in care. In response to time spent in various contexts of care, these artefacts provide opportunities for ‘meaningful moments’ as part of the everyday, as opposed to scheduled activities sessions. In my thesis, I argue there is a need for precedent designs for people with dementia in care that focus on positive, playful experiences, through aesthetics, materiality and interactions that invite participation.